Meet the Thrive Foods Team

The world inspires us! With more than 10 years of freeze dry and contract manufacturing experience,  Adam Womble has assembled a highly talented and versatile team to mastermind your next product.  Thrive Foods is the alchemy of vision, innovation, experience, and intense attention to detail that brings your product life.




“Light-bulb” ideas are gifts that come at odd times — often in the wee hours of the night. Great FOOD OR FOOD CONCEPTS are inspired solutions that Adam brings to our clients every day. He has a passion for bringing food to life. This is what keeps him ticking.


Vice President / Sales


As a proponent of Einstein’s adage, “Logic will get you from A to Z, imagination will get you everywhere,”  Joe's approach to food is to combine a good dose of logic for organizational success with an immense amount of well-directed imagination for a program that shines and stands above all expectations.


Project Manager


Ever honing his craft and style, Randy creatively transposes our customers projects and concepts into visual magic that lets our clients envision their products taking shape. From his polishing and refinement of your ideas, we forge the product of your dreams. Randy helps all of our ideas materialize!


Account Manager / Sales


A die-hard soccer player, Danielle knows how to keep her eye on the ball, and, as an unlikely devotee of EDM, she knows how to relish life. Armed with a hint of OCD, Danielle, a.k.a. Deek, makes things happen the right way — to perfection and always with a smile!


Food Scientist


Sarah, a lover of pretty things and clever words, believes food is not about being noticed but, rather, about being remembered. Feeling blessed to be in an industry where her career and passions collide, she loves waking up and smelling inspiration in the air.


Food Scientist


Along with being extremely creative and crazy about details, Andrew seems to have a great passion for being in nature, like on a beach somewhere by a clear blue ocean or on a chaise longue by the pool. He is, however, so much about the work-before-play work ethic, that the project at hand becomes his priority and his focus is unfaltering until positive results are achieved.


Project Manager


Laura says that everyone has something to offer, she is quite unaware of the fact that she is the one that offers the most.  Without a doubt, she is the most nurturing person around and will gladly assist anyone in doing almost anything with a smile on her face and a song in her heart.  She is truly a get-r-done person.  She will finish anything she starts with a focus on details because details are essential and there is power in focus.